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How I Love the Sun

Every year is different for all of us. And 2020 is no exception!  We have been blessed with such beautiful days and cool nights.  For me as a dog, basking in the sun is my main objective.  And of course watching you humans labor along is my other.  So how about laboring in the garden?

  •  Time to plant and refresh.  Yes, I said plant!  The better the product, the better the return.  And yes it is true.  Just ask my humans.  Every year they use #growersblend for their garden, and by golly it does work.  This rich soil is a blessing, and to think it is available at #valleyrock.  The proof is in the pudding, but in this case, in the lemons, in the tomatoes, you get the message.
  • Did you say refresh……Refresh the soil under your plants, refresh the bark on the ground, refresh the rock around your home.  It all matters.  My humans are experts at figuring out what you need.  They love to help.  Help you with measurements, help you with product selection, help you with setting up deliveries.  Just reach a paw out….
  • Design? Yes we can help with that.  We love measurements, pictures, and drawings.  My humans love all this.  Just bring it in or email it over.  Oh yeah their is always facebook (or should it be dogbook?).
  • It starts with just a corner.  Happy Digging!


And the April showers ~it never changes…

April Showers, I can mark my paw with that event.  Every year they come and every year we are surprised.  But what the rain does for us is amazing! So what to do in April?
* Planning ~ April Showers or not, you will have to calculate the amount of you soil require.  Just do that length times width, that will give you the square footage.  Determine how deep you want the soil to be (the depth garden box / planting area).  These numbers will give you the cubic yardage required.
Now here is your math lesson of the day from you friendly neighborhood dog ~ a garden box 4’x8′ (32sqft) , at 12″ deep will require one cubic yard of material.  That wasn’t too painful, was it?
* Planting ~ oh how our plants and veggies love the good fresh soils.  If you can get some soil down before the rain, the plants will dance.  Enhanced your soil with our Growers Blend (recommended for gardens), Planters Mix (recommended for landscaping) or Organic compost (always a recommended addition), thus providing your yard with what it needs.
* Protecting ~ Your veggies are in, your shrubs are planted, how about protecting the roots and soil?  Top your garden with one of our barks.  Walk On bark or Shredded Cedar are two of my favorites.  But my master has others to choose from.  Create a walking area around your boxes with Decomposed Granite, 1/2 crushed rock, or another rock of your choosing.  A nice neat garden makes for a happy gardener (and dog).
*Purchasing ~ Call us!, send us a message through valleyrock.com, or good ole’ fashion way, stop it!
Happy Digging.