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Much to Bark About

As we roll through March, and march into April, our Spring is upon us. Baseball, blossoms and bark.  But my friend bark (mulch) is high on my list of things to do.
* Color Dyed Barks ~Now this is not your Momma’s dyed bark.  Our Black and Brown barks have a UV protected colorant that last longer then the recycled barks.  What this means to you, is you will not have to replace it next year!  Not to mention the color looks amazing.
* Nugget Barks ~ now we call it deco bark.  The uniform shape really makes it a more polished look.  Many homeowner associations call out for our Small Deco in their specs. Large Deco Bark is also available, if you prefer a more chunky look.
*Fibrous Barks = a slopes friend.  If you have an area that experienced erosion this winter, then Redwood Ground Cover (aka Gorilla Hair) is a solution for you.  It is the best bark product to mat down on the ground.  If Redwood Ground Cover does not fit your liking, look at our Shredded Cedar.  It is also a shred product, but not nearly as fibrous as the Redwood.
* I’m not dyed, nor fibrous or a nugget! Then I must be Walk-On Bark.  The Walk-On is more of a true chip product, lighter in color than the all of the above barks and not as formal a nugget product.  It is also falls in the medium price range.
Just the word “bark” brings a ring to my ears.  And more than anything I love to roll in the bark.  Happy Digging!