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Sealers and Stabilizers

I do like a clean surface to lounge on.  With the landscaping stabilized and sealed it makes relaxing a lot more enjoyable!

Sealer ~ Why Seal?
Gator seal is an acrylic copolymer used to seal concrete pavers and sometime even walls. It penetrates deep into the concrete paver pores, thus reducing the oil and dirt penetration (yeah!).  It is low VOC, and comes in various gloss levels.  I like the zero gloss personally.  This product works best on a perfect day, not too hot or cold, and not too windy.
Signature Natural Stone sealers will enhance the color of natural stone and make the stone easier to maintain in your home.  Talk about giving it a “punch”.

Stabilize to Utilize
Stabilizer can be a binding agent, a stone stabilizer, or a bonding material.  A binding agent would be the Gator Dust that is used between gaps of natural stone.  Thus creating a “mortar” like effect.  Hardening up once it is wet.
Gator Super Sand is used between the joints of concrete pavers to seal, keep organic matter out of the joints, and to ensure the integrity of the paver.  Both products are available in gray or tan.
Stone Stabilizers are most popular when applied with our Decomposed Granite.  it is applied via a sprayer to a tamped surface creating a hardened area.  Always a hit at the local brewery or winery!
Gator Bonds are used to secure blocks (calstone roman stone) or caps on walls.  A bond binder kit can also secure together a rock that is 3/8″ minus.  Bond Binder would be mixed with the rocks and then installed.  A little more work, with a fantastic result.

Sealers or Stabilizers are usually something you do near the end of a project, or as a maintenance task for your home.  If it’s suggestions or advice you need, my owners are good at that.
Happy Digging!