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Defense is key

Defense, as in Football?  No, defense, as in defensible space around your home. This is always a requirement in our dry climate. When my masters talk about defensible space, they are referring to creating a fuel break in the event of a wildfire – yikes!

Defensible Landscape – What is that?  It is landscape designed with fire safety in mind.  Still using the elements, functionality, style that you desire with your safety always a priority.  Visualize your yard in two zones.

Zone 1 is within 15′ to 30′ of your residence.  So what does that look like?  It can be a paver patio in the backyard up against your home. And a hardscape courtyard in the front as you enter your home.  Function with style.
Zone 2 is within 30′ to 100′ of your residence.  Now, this gets to be quite a large area. This area can include flagstone pathways between your plants; rock or decomposed granite walkways through your garden; or even a dry cobble creek bed within your design.
By adding these elements, you can create a beautiful area and a fuel break in the event of a wild fire.    Stay safe, and Happy Digging!