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Summer Summer Summer

Posted: August 3, 2020  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Boy I do love summer- and weekends are ALWAYS loading – warm nights, sitting by the pool with my master……It is also a great time to add a new element to your yard.  We have plenty of outdoor time. And I sure intend on utilizing it!

Quartzite Flagstone ~ My fur does look amazing next to the Quartzite Products.  Quartzite Silver or Gold hails from Idaho.  It has mica in it, that creates a sparkle.  You can have a patio, courtyard or just a pathway.  Flagstone can be placed 5″ to 6″ apart and planted in between to create an informal look.  Or you can combine Gator Dust (Gray or Beige), a polymeric product used in the joints to ensure a solid surface.  Gator Dust will help with the pesky weeds.

Mexican Pebbles- What a choice.  This pebble is smooth round and beautiful.  Picked off the beaches of our friends from the south, this product does not disappoint.  We carry from 1/4″ to 2″x3″ sizes with multiple colors.  The most popular is the black pebble.  But we also bring in the red, buff and multi-color blend.  My master says this product is “premium”.

So whether you add a patio, or just accent with a different pebble.  Large or small, change is good.  I think all you humans know that by now.  Happy Digging!

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