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September to Remember?

Posted: September 8, 2020  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

September just turned the page to a new beginning.  The end of hot spells, the beginning of leaves turning and most of all, the anticipation for the Autumn season.   Here are just a few things to remember in September for your outdoor living area.

On our smokey days (carbon dioxide) can increase the growth of your plants.  And we sure have had our share of smokey hot days. So help your plants by amending your soils with compost or planters mix. Clear out dead parts and help those plants to flourish once again.
Have you noticed the sunshine is lessening?  With a later sunrise time, and an earlier sunset time, don’t forget to check your irrigation times for watering.  And if you add Fall color – don’t forget to set the water for that area as well. Your plants will appreciate the attention.
Firewood, yes I said firewood.  We have Oak and Almond firewood in stock; ready for delivery or pick up.  Palletized firewood is also available (1/2 cord on a pallet)- clean and ready to load. No matter what amount you want, we can accommodate your request.  And don’t forget the kindling.  We have it by the bundle.

Most of all don’t forget the Autumn food- apple pie is my favorite.  Happy Digging!

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