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Preparing for El Perro (Nino)

Posted: November 4, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Rain, Rain, Rain, my you humans do fret over small things.  But if you must know, to be prepared, is to be safe.  Take me for example, I always have multiple bones hidden in my domain of a yard.  Here are some rain-wise tips for you:
*Look down- Water flow patterns may have changed, remember we have not had much rain in a while.  Add 3/4 drain rock to ensure waters flows away from your home.  Where  water will accumulate, add 3″ of material, bark or rock, to assist water to seep into the earth.
*Look up- Clean your gutters, check to make sure they are securely attached, check the exit point of the gutter (add rock here) or add a water collection barrel.  Fix any know current roof repairs.
*Look out – Windows and doorways, add flashing or caulking where needed.
But most of all LOOK!  That’s what I do…..Happy digging!

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