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October -What a Month!!!

Posted: October 27, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Leaves falling, crisp air, cool earth, and rain on the way, it sounds like a fireplace night to me.   As I count my blessings, in dog treats of course, I see you humans have many reasons to curl up to a cozy fire.  So many wonderful traditions to enjoy fireside.
*  Chili month- who doesn’t love the smell of a pot of chili on the stove?  Whether it be a red-hot chili, a meatless chili, or a hearty mix, chili month is now.
*  National Beer day- October 27- Wow that’s this week.  You can brew your own or visit a local brewery.  I know the word Oktoberfest is in your vocabulary.  Danke for the tip!
* Oatmeal for all on October 29- The oldest cereal known to man (and dog), oatmeal is a  whole grain, anitioxidant, mood enhancing all-star food.  Cook up a bowl and adorn with nuts and fruit.  Or bake up a batch of those cookies you humans love.  Just know you are doing your body good.
So back to that cozy fire…start one tonight.  But your first stop (or call) should be to my master.  You can pick up a 1/4 cord of firewood for tonight.  Or if you prefer, my masters truck can delivery firewood (Full cord, 1/2 cord or 1/4 cord) to your door. That way you can begin enjoying your traditions fireside now.  Happy Digging!



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