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Ides of July, moons of July.

Posted: July 15, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Buck moon, blue moon….that’s right.  This July we start with a full “Buck” moon (July 1st)  and end with a full “Blue Moon” (July 31st).  Now what does that mean to us dogs (relatives of the werewolf)? It means more outdoor time under the light of the moon.  More time to enjoy just hanging out with my master and more time taking in our glorious summer evenings.  But by the next full moon (July 31st), you could have another project completed.  Here are a few weekend werewolf, I mean warrior projects for you:
*  Create a flagstone pathway (I recommend Arizona Flagstone) – Mark a pathway at least 3′ wide.  Cut the area out to match the shape of each stone piece, dig at least 4″ deep.  Space each piece approximately 3″ apart. Use Plaster Sand to level each piece as you place it.
*  Create a stacked low wall (I recommend  Roman Stone)- Mark the shape of the wall you wish to have.  Dig a shallow footing, approximate 2″ to 3″ deep, use Road Base or Plaster Sand to level the first row.  Stack and stagger each piece to create a low wall. Go at least 12″ high, back fill with Planters Mix, and decorate!.
*  Create a planting mound (earth berm)- Decide on the area and shape of the mound.  Use Topsoil to create the mound (shape), go from 6″ to 36″ high at the max.  Make sure the mound matches the scale of the area.  Top the mound with 3″ of Planters Mix and add your greenery.  Besides adding more curb appeal, it will also buffer any road noise you may have!
Now, go howl at something….Happy Digging!


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