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Harvest time, party time, digging time…

Posted: July 13, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Boy I can tell by the taste of the earth it is getting to be harvest time.  The blooms of plants turning into a bounty of goodies, a different scent in the air, and the smell of the earth.  With the first major heat wave under our belt, we are blessed with a cooling period.  What a great week to complete that fire pit area or front courtyard for that harvest party.  Here are a few ideas my little doggie brain come up with. This time I am utilizing bend-a-board and stakes to define the area. Always start with creating the shape, that way your know your specifications.
*  Spread decomposed granite (4″ deep) and compress to make a level surface. Mix and spray on gator stone bond product, thus firming up the decomposed granite.  Magically you have a fire pit area.
* Use a 3/8 crush rock, fill 3″ to 4″ deep with 3/8 crush rock, place Arizona Flagstone Stand-up in the rock. And abracadabra you have a courtyard!
*  Spread a 2″ layer of roadbase and smooth out.  Add a 2″ layer of plaster sand and planters mix.  Place Arizona Flagstone Standup on sand/planters mix, use the sand to level the flagstone to lay flat. Leave 4″ between each piece of flagstone and plant a foot happy ground cover in joints.  And whammy, you have a secret garden spot.
Now see how easy it is to make another party spot?  You just have to be like me, and start DIGGING!


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