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Happy Birthday U.S. Navy-Anchors Away!

Posted: October 13, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

The worlds largest seafare defense turns 240 today, that’s since the American Revolution.  Now I know some of my doggie ancestors were more than likely aboard some of the original vessels.  In honor of our U.S. Navy, how about a naval inspired landscape?  With a few elements in place, you can achieve that sea worthy feel.
As us sea dogs always say “start with a plan”.  Do you want a beach feel, along with a stream, or are you more of the ship wreck type?
* Beachie is best -Our white sand is an excellent choice to create a beach area.  Have a “beach entrance” which is a slant down as your enter the sandy beach.  Throw in some with boards to walk on to create a board walk.
* Seashore shazam – Use our 3/4″ black and white rock to make an entrance to your seashore resting area. Add in a small plank entrance with side rails made of posts and rope or chain.  Hello mate!
* Water – What’s nautical with out the sound of water?  Install a pondless water feature, a running stream with a small bridge, accented with nautical posts.
* Accents, why yes- Nail old flip flops to a fence, hang a bell to ring, wrap wood with rope, old anchors, old boat parts, paint stripes on fencing or garden shed…  Just use your imagination!
And most importantly, thank a Naval Veteran (or all Veterans) for their service.  Anchors away, and happy digging!


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