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Everyone is having a party!

Posted: June 17, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

So everyone is having a party, so that means lots of treats for me! Whenever my owners have a party, they clean up MY area (the back yard) to entertain in.  Now they have been working on the landscape all year, converting it to drought tolerant California style, but here are a few tips from my snot to yours:
*Create your center pieces out of elements from your yard; flowers, branch clippings, interesting rocks, etc.
*Use your home grown herbs and veggies to prepare the meal (talk about a personal touch!).
*Short on seating?  Bring out the house chairs and pillows.  Make a cozy inviting setting even a dog would love.
*Everyone needs a drink.  Keep my bowl full of water, and use your pottery for an ice bucket.  It’s a nice touch.
*Light it up!  Candles, tiki torches, an outdoor fire, it adds that glow I so look good next to.  Besides, I do like a nice warm spot to sleep….
*ADD SOME BARK – bark one of my favorite actions.  Every thing looks better with fresh bark.  Just visit my owners and pick up a yard or so.
And most of all do what I do, sit close and listen.  Happy Digging!

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