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Drought tips even a dog knows..

Posted: June 30, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Now every dog knows when the sun is shining to seek shade and pant.  That usually does the trick for me.  But our gardens and plants don’t know what to do, so that’s when my owners step in.  Here are a few suggestions we can all take to get through the dog days (yes it is all about me) of our valley summer:
*   Don’t skimp on that yummy smelling compost.  Amend that soil with 3″ to 4″, and organic is preferred.  Healthy plants=less water.
*   Bark, bark, bark, 3″ to 5″ around plants, trees and any exposed dirt areas.  Topdressing=evaporation reduction
* Update/install your drip system.  The drip system you can direct more to each plant.  I always say, more drip = less spray!
* Keep the weeds out.  Weeds are stealing the water, and look awful!.  Good looks=happy plants (my favorite equation).
*  Shade cloth your garden if you really want to get handy.  Our summers can be brutal at times.  This may prevent the burning of our precious vegetation not to mention that I also will take advantage of a new shady spot.
So what ever tips you utilize remember, Happy Digging!




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