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Now everyone knows that dogs love rocks, whether we are eating them or climbing on them, rocks and boulders are a necessity.  My owners say by adding boulders to your design it adds height and dimension.  Here is some information to help you with your BoulderScaping:
*  Do I go round or angular?  A round boulder is water washed and smooth, such as Sierra Boulder.  An angular rock has more of a jagged surface such as California Moss rocks.
*  But I want a certain color!!…Sierra Boulders are golds, greens and grays.  Some are lighter and some are darker.  The Moss Rocks are browns, grays and some have lichen growing on them.  The colors are all designed by God (just like us dogs).
*  What size and how many should I get?   Consider the size of plants around the boulders, and the size of the area. Will the boulders be dwarfed by the plants or be enhanced?  Dig the boulders into the ground so they look like they belong there. Boulders are generally  placed in odd numbers with sizes varying, thus creating a realistic layout.
*  I still can’t picture how it will look??….Fill garbage bags to simulate the boulders in your yard.  Now you can bring the measurements to our owners to decide on your product.
*  How do I get them to my house?  We can load them in your truck or deliver them with our truck!  Once you get them home, you can use a wheelbarrow or rent a box cart from Valley Rock to move them.
*  I need HELP!  The Valley Rock staff is knowledgeable and can help you.  Bring in your pictures and measurements, we have the know how to make it happen.
Happy Digging!



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