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Posted: February 23, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Dirt vs Soil?   Which one wins this battle?  Well in the arena of gardening, soil will always be the victor.  But why asks a curious dog….the same reasons us dogs love soil, are the same reasons that soil is marvelous for your garden.

*  Organisms build structure, structure holds moisture; growers blend, planters mix, compost and humus all contain organisms. Dirt does not have organisms and will not hold moisture.
* When soil has structure, the nutrients remain longer in the soil.  Water is retained and moves slowly in soil; in dirt, water moves through causing leaching and run off.
* And oh the smell…the richer the soil, the stronger the smell.   The lovely fragrance originates from organic plant matter or dairy bi-products. One of the easiest ways to improve our clay soil is to amend. Humus is compost that is broken down.   Planters mix and growers blend are amended and ready for you to plant and sow.
* Even though I can not see colors as well as you humans, the colors of the soils are also a factor.  Black soils often have a stronger structure, which is what you want for planting and great for digging.  Red soils are often deficient in nutrients and need to be amended.
As we all strive to have better tomatoes than last year, remember the soil is the key.  Happy Digging!




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