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What a year it has been!

Posted: December 8, 2022  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

To think that it’s almost 23? How can that be? To me, it’s time to be free. I dig in the dirt and play ball everyday- I’m just a dog, what can I say.

Now to you humans life is very fleeting, you scurry you hurry- what is the meaning? But when it comes to your home, there is no need to roam. Just make it unique – Include our growers blend with your gardening technique. You may add a new patio with flagstone and pebbles- just make sure it levels. Add in some sod, to make some green space. Maybe a pathway, with crush or just fines. You will love it for sure and it is your design.
If you are thinking of bark (my favorite word) there are oodles of types; colors and shapes, it’s the best thing to use, make no mistake. Make it at least three inches thick, putting it down goes really quick. Bark will keep the weeds down and look really good. Your home will be the best in the neighborhood.

My best part of all is the two legged kind. You customers give my humans such great piece of mind. We are grateful for all of you, the homeowner and the contractor. We will load you by bag or with our big tractor. So thank you to all, the big and to small. We are just a rock yard, here on the corner. Helping our community one yard at a time. It’s been a good year, so we give you a cheer. Wish you good health and happiness too. We look forward to next year, let’s make all our homes look anew.
Just remember my phrase Happy Digging as the New Year’s bells are ringing.

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