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January or Plan-u-ary?

Posted: January 18, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

It rains, then the sun comes out.  Pretty soon we will have more sunny days and less rainy days. But Plan-u-ary is a perfect time to get organized and ready for your projects!  And that excites me, I am always up for changing my surroundings. My master tells me that planning is the largest portion of any project.  But I disagree, I believe it is the digging.

* Start with a scale drawing – Note which way your home/project faces (north, south, east or west).  Don’t forget to note the scale (1″=5 feet, etc).
*Site Analysis does not mean site paralysis… Include drainage, house location, trees, driveway, exits and entrances.
* Needs vs. Wants- This is always the most difficult one for me.  I want people food; but I need dog food…ugh.  So we must prioritize which chunk to bite off (no pun intended), for our project.
* How will my master ever maintain this? – Always consider how to keep it all looking good once completed.  If you want low maintenance, do more hardscape, pavers, sitting walls, trees and shrubs.  Regularly replenish your bark (4″ deep) around perennials to keep weeds down.
* Establish the budget- We all need to know how many bones we have to work with.  My master can help you with estimates on products…just call or go to the webiste.
* Define Spaces and don’t forget mine-What is the public space, the area you see from the street and the vision for it.  And your private spaces, your back door patio and my dog house.  Are your private spaces accessible from the house?  Now is the time to make that happen!
So take the time to plan, February is right around the corner.  And remember, we are your provider for life, here to help you…Happy Digging!

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