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It’s all about the rock, about the rock, no water.

Posted: May 20, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Water, water, water, I hear the humans talk about it everyday. Everyone is putting in rock. But of course they also say “but rock is so heavy, and more expensive than bark”. But rock can be used in so may ways to enhance your surroundings. Rock can be used in conjunction with a water feature (a pond less one of course), or as a dry stream bed. Anything with a stream bed, I really do enjoy. Rock can be utilized from large moss rocks placed as an accent rock, to a 3/8″ black and white rock to complement your plants. Once you put the rock down, you need not replace it for sometime. So moving the heavy product does have an everlasting impact. My owners carry rock from the 3/8″ minus size, up to 3,000 lb. boulders. If you can design it, my owners can get you the product. Bring your pictures or drawings in to Valley Rock, or send up an email, my owners are always around to help. Happy digging!

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