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I’m “falling” for my backyard

Posted: October 5, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

That’s right, fall is the best season in Northern California.  We do not have to deal with Santa Ana winds, or frost warnings.  Just cooler nights and warm days.  It is the perfect time for planting and gardening  But where to get started?  Us dogs are not good at preparing, we are a more reactive bunch.  But here are some facts for you humans.
*  Raised garden beds produce more root and leaf vegetables for the fall.  So add in new soil  to your existing garden beds to prepare for planting.
*  Soil that is high in organic manner grows the best vegetables, so add it in the mix!
*  Our first frost date in our area is Thanksgiving time.  Add some bark now  to hold the moisture and warmth to your fall garden soil. This will keep weeds away, while enriching the soil.
*  Save and dry seeds from your summer harvest.  Store in air tight containers, safe and sound for next spring.
*  Dig up the herbs and bring inside for November.  Make sure to place near a sunny window!
With such unbelievable weather, falling for my backyard is amazing.  Happy Digging!


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