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From May to June – Prune, Preserve and Party

Posted: May 23, 2022  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Once Memorial Day comes around, our summer pattern begins to set in with longer days and warmer nights.  The end of May is also the time to hit what I call the 3 ‘Ps’.  Pruning, Preserving and of course Partying.  You can’t do the last one, till the 1st two are  complete!

Prune – Get your tools and green waste can out. Once your shrubs are done blooming, deadhead and trim. Next add a layer of top dressing. Our recommendation is to top dress with Grower’s Blend (it contains yummy organic manner).

Preserve – by preserve, I mean water.  Test and check your irrigation system.  Check for time of day, duration, broken lines and valves. The next best preservation step is to add a  layer of  bark 2″ to 3″. The bark will not all retain moisture, but also help with weed control.  The nice polished look of fresh bark is a bonus!

Party – Now this is my favorite PART of all.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, Father’s Day,  or just another beautiful day, your yard will be ready. Your home will reward you, both visually and spiritually!
Happy Digging!


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