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Dig, Dig, Dig, Bark, Bark, Bark

Posted: December 2, 2014  |  Categories:  News |

These are some of my favorite words as a Dog… but when it comes to planting, turning over your soil and amending makes for a happy garden. Before planting, dig up a good 8 to 10 inches. Turn soil over and remove any rocks or dirt clods. Spread 4+ inches of humus, organic compost, planters mix, or growers blend. Then rake smooth, and you’re ready for planting.

Once your plants are in and you have adjusted your irrigation, don’t forget to bark, bark bark (a favorite sound). The bark (mulch) will assist in moisture retention, weed control, or just looks fantastic. Top the bark 2 to 3 inches deep, spreading evenly, and try not to pile up any tree trunks too high.

I like to sit- especially by the fire…

My master tells me to everyday to “sit”. But this time of the year, it is even more enjoyable because of a nice warm fire.  We have firewood 16 inch split, cut, and ready to burn for my fire and yours. Make sure you clean the area, because if you are like my master, you haven’t done it in a while. Now don’t forget to check if you have opened the flue… Now is the time to get your wood and have it ready and waiting! You can pick it up; a quarter cord, half cord, or full cord at a time. Or, the humans can deliver to you. So the next cold evening when I’m told to “sit”, make sure the fireplace or stove is cleaned and firewood is purchased.

They plant, so I can dig..

My owner is starting to plant a veggie garden, and boy does it smell fresh! The Growers Blend will make for a yummy harvest, and a great place for me to dig. The Growers Blend is certified ORMI, contains dairy farm organic compost, and it’s the tastiest! With a good 12″ depth, this will give my garden the nutrients it needs, and the soil I love.

My owner told me that you can get Growers Blend delivered, so I can bark at the truck. Or they can take me for a ride and pick up the Growers Blend right at Valley Rock.

Happy Planting (or digging)!

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