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Barking in 2016

Posted: December 30, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

I will have much howling to do come midnight on December 31st. And boy what a year it has been, I have had many joys and a few losses.  As the New Year is celebrated by all around the world,  I will enjoy a good juicy bone, laying by a roaring fire.  Here are some traditions other dogs celebrate around the world:

Japan- Misunderstandings and grudges are forgiven by scrubbing down the houses.  Thus wiping away the past.
Spain – Eat twelve grapes at midnight; one for each month, ensuring prosperity and health.
Greece- Bake a silver coin into a cake.  Whomever finds the coin is guaranteed good luck in the coming year.
Italy- On New Years Day, red underwear is worn….good karma I suppose…
Scotland – The ritual of first footing (or pawing) is done at midnight. Go visiting neighbors, enter through the front door, exit through the back door and don’t forget to bring a gift.
Canada – The Polar Bear Plunge – to jump in  ice cold water to mark a fresh start to the New Year.

As the New Year approaches a special tail wag and Auld Lang Syne, to Lucy Bell, my companion.  And to all you dog lovers out there, we here at Valley Rock, wish you, health and happiness, to you and your owners….Happy Digging!


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