Basalite Geowall Collection S/O

PER / ea


The Geowall series features an open core design and high strength pin connection system. Each block face measures one square foot for easy calculation. They are easy to handle for installers and a perfect choice for residential projects in addition to roadway, residential and commercial projects. It can be used by itself for short gravity walls or in combination with geogrid for taller structural earth walls.

Grey ~ Tan

8 Pro         18x8x12  ~ 45 per Pallet
4 SS Cap  18x4x10.5 ~ 80 Per Pallet
4 Cap        18x4x10.5 ~ 80 Per Pallet
8 SS Cap  18x8x10.5 ~ 50 Per Pallet
8 Cap        18x8x10.5 ~ 50 Per Pallet