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So much to Bark about. Bark/ mulch comes in different colors, sizes and shapes. Below are the products we keep in stock.

The fibrous bunch:
Redwood Ground Cover – This Redwood product, really looks like it is related to a Gorilla! And boy does it stick to a sloped area. Redwood Ground Cover will mat down like a fine carpet. Orange/Red tones in color, RGC will also decrease soil erosion.
Shredded Cedar – The 2nd most fibrous is our Shredded Cedar. Cedar is a nice topping for your planter box mulching and around your plants. This will keep your plants happy on our cool nights. Red/Brown tones, SC is one the most commonly used products.

Dying for it:
Black and Brown Bark – Our Black Bark and Brown Bark are both color stained a vibrant color. The stain used is non-toxic and pet friendly. The Black really makes your plants pop, also great for that modern accent. While the Brown is a true Brown, both colors accent your home elegantly.

I’m so natural:
Walk-on Bark – A Douglas Fir product, WO is a natural Medium/Blonde toned chipped, slightly fibrous product. This multi-purpose, natural blend mulch works in pathways, garden beds and around ornamental plants.

Oh you little nugget – Our Deco nugget products come in two sizes. Small Deco is 3/4″ to 11/2″ and the Large Deco is 11/2″ to 3″. A premium product, our Deco’s are a rich brown color and are used in many homeowner association approved specs. Everyone loves a nice Deco Bark.

So mulch it up – Happy Digging!

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