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Mulch to talk about…

My owners at Valley Rock say there is a rule of thumb (paw?) for bark and mulch. With a product distribution of at least 3″ deep, the bark becomes a blocker of light, helps conserve moisture and begins suppression of the weeds. But, how much mulch is enough mulch? On, under “services” exists a product calculator, so easy even a dog can use it. So plug in your dimensions, length and width of the area, and the product calculator will estimate the cubic yards. With so many options of bark and soil in stock, it’s easy…

I have people in high, but not dry places…

As a dog, I am really smart, but I have a friend I like to call Professor Paul and this is his recommendation. “Soil moisture holding capacity is directly related to surfaces that water can adhere to and those surfaces are soil particles and organic matter. Anything you can do to add organic matter to your soil will benefit soil water holding capacity, it will help clay soils open up and drain better and sandy soils hold more moisture, not to mention all the good it does for microbes and soil nutrients. Sooo, incorporating organic matter and using mulches like compost, humus, and natural bark mulches, which add organic matter over time, can improve water retention, conserve water and benefit soil health, all of which will benefit your plants.”
Whew… that is a lot for my doggie brain to comprehend. But great information. Thank you Professor.

April Showers -check!

April showers passing us by, and the cold April storm is over. Our ground is warming up (70 degrees is ideal) and getting ready for those yummy tomatoes. My owner said I can no longer hang out in the garden box, she needs to add new Growers Blend and some Worm Castings. This will give the tomatoes the soil it requires to produce the flavor she loves. Valley Rock can help you determine what you need and how much you need. So call an order in today, but they are smart for people at Valley Rock. Happy Gardening!!!

What? They are starting to plant…

I know spring has just begun, but it sure feels like summer. And I think my master is working on the garden, and the yard and the flowers…so much to do. My master said to it is time to get some soil! And to go at least 18 inches deep in our boxes or container. They are placing the garden in full sun, (so I can lay in it) and the veggies will thrive in it. For my vegetable garden, the Growers Blend is the perfect choice! If it’s not for our veggies, my master said she is getting Planters Mix. I am so glad it can be delivered, I do love barking at that truck!

Ahhh, the smell of moisture

Boy do I love the smell of fresh rich soil…..It must be the organic matter I smell. The amount of organic matter in our Growers Blend affects how much water the soil is able to retain. Now that’s why my owner put the Growers Blend in our garden and added the Heritage Worm Castings….It retains more water and smells good! I never knew my owner was so smart.

Dig, Dig, Dig, Bark, Bark, Bark

These are some of my favorite words as a Dog… but when it comes to planting, turning over your soil and amending makes for a happy garden. Before planting, dig up a good 8 to 10 inches. Turn soil over and remove any rocks or dirt clods. Spread 4+ inches of humus, organic compost, planters mix, or growers blend. Then rake smooth, and you’re ready for planting.

Once your plants are in and you have adjusted your irrigation, don’t forget to bark, bark bark (a favorite sound). The bark (mulch) will assist in moisture retention, weed control, or just looks fantastic. Top the bark 2 to 3 inches deep, spreading evenly, and try not to pile up any tree trunks too high.

I like to sit- especially by the fire…

My master tells me to everyday to “sit”. But this time of the year, it is even more enjoyable because of a nice warm fire.  We have firewood 16 inch split, cut, and ready to burn for my fire and yours. Make sure you clean the area, because if you are like my master, you haven’t done it in a while. Now don’t forget to check if you have opened the flue… Now is the time to get your wood and have it ready and waiting! You can pick it up; a quarter cord, half cord, or full cord at a time. Or, the humans can deliver to you. So the next cold evening when I’m told to “sit”, make sure the fireplace or stove is cleaned and firewood is purchased.

They plant, so I can dig..

My owner is starting to plant a veggie garden, and boy does it smell fresh! The Growers Blend will make for a yummy harvest, and a great place for me to dig. The Growers Blend is certified ORMI, contains dairy farm organic compost, and it’s the tastiest! With a good 12″ depth, this will give my garden the nutrients it needs, and the soil I love.

My owner told me that you can get Growers Blend delivered, so I can bark at the truck. Or they can take me for a ride and pick up the Growers Blend right at Valley Rock.

Happy Planting (or digging)!